I am devoted to teaching, and my record shows a rich portfolio and consistently strong course evaluations. At Hamline University, my course ratings were consistently high and had improved from 5.15/7.00 in my first course to 6.50/7.00 in my last. At George Mason University, my course ratings were higher than the department’s ratings for all courses. My last course was recognized by students for being an outstanding Mason Core course.

I was also nominated for the Teaching Excellence Award for mentoring undergraduate interdisciplinary research projects and the Career Connection Faculty Award for my outstanding teaching and positive impact on students’ career goals, employment plans, and graduate school preparation.

Hear from my students! Student Testimonials

Teaching Observations

As a Teaching Excellence Award winner, Dr. Shannon Davis observed my International Economic Policy lecture to evaluate course design and teaching. A summary of her observations is below. Read her full observations here.

Mr. Hammer skillfully uses techniques for teaching that are consistent with his discipline, connecting with students and their own lives as he invites them into contemporary conversations around economics, development, and policy decisions. I was impressed by his course design, his preparation, his classroom presence, and his ability to connect with his students.