Student Testimonials

Testimonials from my students. See the original file here (warning – large file).

This has been the best 3 hour lecture course I have ever taken. It was very easy to stay engaged with discussion, more like a conversation (friendly). I’ve learned a lot about not just spoon-fed material but also application and background (history). Thank you for some wild and fun Wednesday nights.

  1. Good, thorough lectures.
  2. Homework that helped with the content and on the tests and wasn’t just “busy work”
  3. Reviewing homework in class was a huge help.
  4. Comments on homework were very helpful.

Overall, one of the best professors I’ve had at Mason (and I’m a senior).

Thank you so much for having us do homework assignments. They gave me a marker for what I grasped in class and allowed me to solidify the content. I honestly wish I had more homework in other classes. You’re an excellent professor and made class engaging, applicable, and fun.

Wednesday nights have become something I look forward (to). You are fantastic at engaging and putting humor and fun learning into otherwise dull material. Thanks!

Eric was a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher. He made the material very interesting and was dedicated to having us think critically about the material. I would change nothing. Eric was a wonderful teacher and I would love to have him as a teacher again.

I absolutely loved all the real life examples relating economics to actual life. It made the class a lot more enjoyable.

I have really enjoyed this class, I think you did a great job teaching. You have done great at being available and it seems like you really care. You have done a great job.

Having homework assignments that we got quick feedback on was great. It was easy to identify what I needed to improve upon. I enjoyed all the real world applications the instructor gave in class, and that he made sure to give explanations with examples for everything.

I really enjoyed the examples our teacher gave to help better understand the course material, very good class.

Supplemental material (slides, handouts) were very useful. Also, big thank you for being so responsive to emails! Explanations given by prof. were very clear and helpful! 🙂

The textbook used followed nicely with videos that really helped reinforce what I learned in class. I also loved prof. Hammer’s enthusiasm.

The class was intellectually stimulating and eye opening to new ideas.

Professor explained visually and made sure we really understood by sending emails with extensive explanations.

He spoke from his personal experiences and had good examples for each topic, and the textbook is so local that the authors work at GMU.

His ability to break it down and explain new material is one that is very helpful. He is always up for some positive feedback.

Great all around, I liked the format of the midterm, learned a lot.

Everything was good! Lectures were very active and stimulating.

The teacher explained things in different ways in order for students to grasp it better.

Mr. Hammer’s style of teaching, enthusiasm, the clarity of class and the textbook.

Review emails incredibly helpful.